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Welcome Guest Author, Robin Danner (aka, Christy Gissendaner)

Good Morning and Welcome Robin!

If it's OK, I will just jump right in with my questions.  I want to know all about your Princes series of novels.

How many Princes novels have you written so far and are there more still to come?

Thanks for having me, Marie! I've published three Princes so far, but I just finished the fourth and submitted it to my publisher. I have plans for a fifth, and final, book in the spring.

Do any or all of the Princes books have recurring characters in them?  (I see Prince Talin is in at least two of them.)

Yes, they do actually. Mathis and Talin are brothers and the first two books deal with their paths to finding love. Several characters pop up throughout the series, most notably Colin (Talin’s chief advisor) and Hugh (his grandson). But Mathis and Talin show up in all of the first three books as well. There is a thread woven throughout each story, so it’s best the first three Princes are read in order.

Can you tell us a little about the Princes series?


In The Princes Bound, Mathis wants nothing but peace for his kingdom, while his brother, Prince Talin, seems determined to align his own kingdom with their family’s sworn enemy through an alliance in the form of marriage. Mathis will be damned if he will witness the ceremony binding his brother to the daughter of the man rumored to have murdered their father. Talin’s most trusted captain, Nadia d’Arcy, is ordered to abduct Mathis and bring him by force to Noventia for the wedding, a marriage that is not what it seems to be.

The Princes Determined deals with Mathis’ brother, Talin. After a failed wedding, Rowena of Bevelaire is abandoned by her treacherous father and left to the tender mercies of her intended groom, Prince Talin. A dangerous man with his own agenda, Talin could be Rowena’s damnation or destiny.  To safeguard his people, Prince Talin is determined to do anything, including marry the daughter of his bitter enemy.  But a marriage to Lady Rowena could cost him a kingdom … or his heart.

The Princes Knighted is very dear to my heart as it features Hugh d’Arcy who appears in the first two books as an irrepressible seventeen-year-old recruit. He gets his own story in the third Princes book.  Sir Hugh d’Arcy has returned from the battlefield to escort Sara, the princess of Noventia’s sister, to wed another. The mission is his duty, and his personal agony. Sara has never forgotten her love for the boy Hugh once was. When captured, a shocking revelation brings their love to life again. To save all he has sworn to protect, Hugh faces a devastating decision. Can Sara convince him her love is strong enough to overcome any obstacle?

The fourth Princes will actually be a stand-alone, although characters from the first three novels show up in it as well. I’m very excited about this one as well. It has a female Robin Hood-type character and a very sexy duke!

I know you write under two names:  Robin Danner for Historical and paranormal romance and Christy Gissendaner for romantic comedy and paranormal romance.  Why two different names and how do you decide which of the paranormal romance to do as “Robin” and which to do as “Christy”?

I originally began writing as Christy Gissendaner, which is my maiden name. When I branched off into “hotter” romance, I went with a pen name. It ended up being that contemporaries fit my Christy personal, while my Robin works tended to be historical. I've stayed with those divisions ever sense. All of my contemporaries are now written as Christy, while I write historical as Robin.

I do admit there are times I wonder why I did this! To promote two pen names is double the work at times, but I actually do have a different style for each pen name. Robin’s works tend to be darker and dramatic. Christy’s are lighthearted and fun!

If you could go back in time, what historical period or event would you most love to visit?

Is it wrong of me to say I love my creature comforts, namely flushing water and air conditioning, to really want to go back in time? But I would really love to visit Tudor England and Regency-era England, provided it was only for a day or two.   ; )

Since everyone’s experience is different, can you tell us about your particular road to publication?

I finished my first book in 2001 while I was a senior in college just for fun. My younger cousin loved reading my books, so I wrote several stories purely for her enjoyment.  About two years later, I decided to attempt publishing it. I was contracted by a company in Canada, but due to the owner’s heart problems that dream soon came to an end.

I persevered and while I waited to hear back on my first novel, I actually contracted my second book. By the time it was published, I had several contracts from both Triskelion and Liquid Silver Books. I think I had about twelve published works under my belt by 2006. That was the year I met my husband. We started a family and I quit the writing world to raise my three boys. In May of 2012, I decided my boys were finally old enough for me to return. So in between the day job and hectic family life, I’ve contracted seven works. I currently have two more submitted so I’m a very busy lady!! 

Is there an underlying theme or thread that connects your books?

There certainly is in The Princes. The threat of the rebellion and the question of who is the leader is woven throughout the first three books. All is revealed in the third book, which is why I always recommend the first two books are read first. I have recently started a series as Christy Gissendaner, which features the members of an all-paranormal football team.

Where do you get your inspiration for your main characters?

I have to be honest and say my heroines have a lot of me in them! I’m stubborn, somewhat witty, and very strong-willed. No goal is out of reach for me, so when I do something I do it big. So you’ll notice my heroines sometimes take the “alpha” away from the hero. I've been trying to tone my proclivity for strong heroines down, but my female leads just have a mind of their own!

Since I’ve gotten married, several of my husband’s characteristics show up in my heroes. I’m a fan of sweet, funny, boy-next-door types so my heroes often fall into that category. Perhaps a bit too “beta” for romance, but those are the kind I like!

What are your favorite and least favorite parts of writing?

I love the cover reveals! Absolutely adore it! My favorite part by far. But typing “The End” is a close second. I’m very goal orientated so when I ship off another, I pat myself on the back for a job well done. My goal was to publish one book a month, every month, for a year. I've done it so far. October through March has been filled. I’m hoping my current submissions fall into April and May, but I've come to realize my dream is perhaps a bit too unrealistic.

My least favorite (thank God I don’t have to do them with my current publisher) is a synopsis. Writing blurbs are also something I’m not very fond of.

What’s next and where can we keep up with you?

I've just finished the fourth Princes book and it should be coming soon. I have plans for another on the horizon. As Christy, I have two contemporaries coming to Liquid Silver Books in Feb and March. I also have a romcom paranormal due out from Entangled Publishing at some point in the future.
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Thanks very much for being with us today, Robin and filling us in on all of your Princes.  I will check them out along with Christy's lighthearted and fun works!

Thanks for having me, Marie!!!


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