Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Poem Between Brothers

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I saw my brother cry today.
He seemed five years old

No longer over six feet tall
Magnificent and bold

To see my brother hurting,
Makes me want to cry

He will not open easily
So, I will poke and pry

I won’t let him dismiss me
Pretending all’s OK

We’ll talk ‘til I convince him
Love will find a way

Although to speak what’s in my heart
Is difficult for me

I’ll make sure he knows he’s loved
By all – especially me

For brothers share a special bond,
Though friends may come and go

Relationships may drift apart,
But I want him to know

Though time moves on,
Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

I’m always here to lean upon
Whatever changes bring

Brothers are forever.
Our parents always knew

We’d be there for each other
As only we can do.

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