Friday, November 30, 2012

Crystals and Radios

At the end of a past post "Timeless Messages" the importance of crystals and radios was briefly referred to.
As previously mentioned, Navigating the Collapse of Time (Weiser Books, 2011) by David Ian Cowan, was written in 2011, yet many of the theories highly detailed in Mr. Cowan's book are touched on and are the underlying current of The Kabrini Message, written a quarter of a century earlier.

In the previous post, "Author's Bio", The Kabrini Message Author's passion for the world of ham radio was discussed.  Not mentioned in the bio was the fact that the author (J.R. Egles, aka "Joe") also worked in the field of radio for a time as a D.J. at a radio station.  That is certainly where some of the material for chapter 16 of The Kabrini Message (entitled "KUX Radio, Twelve Miles Away") came from.  Incidentally, "K2UX" were Joe's ham radio call letters.

The following are additional excerpts, all from Chapter 5, entitled "DNA - The Interface between Galactic Light and Human Potential" of Navigating the Collapse of Time (Weiser Books, 2011) by David Ian Cowan.  It discusses the significance of crystals and also, ironically, radios!

     "There seems to be an intelligence operating between life forms beyond the limits of physical proximity and bio-chemical messengers.  It is now appreciated that DNA is more crystalline in its qualities, which goes a long way toward explaining these observations of non-local communication."

     "Crystalline structures...creates what seem to act like a net, antenna or resonant matrix for specific frequencies of light/energy.  All true crystals have an electrical aspect as well."

    "I recall, as a child, getting a crystal radio kit for Christmas one year.  It was really cool!  All these wires and coils had to be put together and where you placed a certain wire on the quartz crystal determined which radio station you heard.  And there was no battery!  The crystal not only was the power supply for the radio...but also acted as an antenna receiving radio signals specifically matching the arrangement of molecules on the different faces of the crystal."

    " ...what we know about crystals can now be applied to our appreciation of how DNA functions".

     "What may help explain the crystalline nature of DNA is the fact that DNA is nested within a matrix of ideal or clustered water molecules....Water is the only liquid-crystal substance on Earth, other than perhaps mercury.  All life on Earth depends on it.  Even though water is in a liquid state and can rise in frequency into a vapor or descend into solid ice, the water molecule itself is 'dielectric', as are solid-crystal molecules.  That is, it can hold an electrical charge, like a solid crystal.  As such, water can be charged from an outside source like sunlight and thus go into a more coherent, crystalline functional state, in which it can absorb and emit energy and information."

     "Clustered water surrounding DNA is thus part of an information-sharing system that links the DNA through the quantum-physical structures of the extra-cellular matrix of the body along with the meridians and chakras to the macro universe of light, sound, cosmic radiation and extra-dimensional information.  Throughout the body, we find specific protein structures called 'microtubules' and 'actin filaments' that support clustered water molecules within them.  These structures make up a web of protein filaments literally connecting all cells and their DNA with the body's own Internet or information superhighway....Given that we now understand the meridians to be 'pathways of light,' we can truly say we are 'light beings.'  This is not just New Age mumbo-jumbo; it is solid science.  Consider the implications as the planet moves in the galactic photon beam.  And the whole system is being amped up from the center of the galaxy directly to the center of your cells!"

Granted, crystals and radios are not gone into as seriously or scientifically in The Kabrini Message as they are in the quotes above, but the theories, although much more subtle, are there.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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