Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Heaven Sent" partners!

So I was advised by a well respected literary agency in Beverly Hills (who has many celebrity clients and specializes in not only books, but movies and turning books into movies) that I needed to have the manuscript "polished" and professionally edited and then could resubmit it for consideration.

I asked the few people I knew possessing any writing experience whatsoever for advice on where to find a good editor and was again told to just look on the internet.  Is that the standard “brush-off” from people that don’t want to be of any help?  I don’t know, but again, it worked!  The story of how I found our wonderful editor (who turned out to be so much more than just an editor), Amy Bell of WritePunch, Inc. is an incredible story in and of itself.  Basically, I asked for guidance as to what to do and who to trust and could not have received an answer more quickly, clearly and directly!

I am very grateful to my friend, Pennye Scullin, for several things.  First of all, Pennye had told me about a website:  which is a great inspirational website just for things in general.  I remember going on it and seeing so many inspirational articles that I didn’t have time to read at that moment and thinking that “some day when I have more time” I have to come back here and really look around.  So when I was feeling overwhelmed by all the information on-line regarding editors, I decided to stop searching and ask for guidance.  It occurred to me that perhaps I could go back on that website and read through some of the inspiring articles and get some kind of revelation as to what to do next.  Do I try to do it myself?  Do I ask family to help?  Do I hire a professional and if so, who?  How will I know they’re any good, right for the project and will “get” the whole emotional aspect? 

I went back on and as I was scanning it trying to decide what to read first, I noticed a series of advertisements along the right hand side of the webpage, one of them listed on-line courses you could take; one of which said “Learn to be a Ghostwriter”.  I clicked on it, just to see where it would take me and there, on the page it linked to, was another advertisement for WritePunch, Inc.  I knew with absolute certainty, at that very moment, that was it…and it was!  I had asked for guidance as to where to turn and what to do next and in less than 5 minutes, Mom or Joe or both immediately lead me to Amy Bell of WritePunch, Inc. 

I instinctively knew that in hiring Amy, a very talented writer, she could fill in the pieces required that Joe was not here to do himself.  What ultimately happened is that Amy not only did that, but was so enthusiastic and emotionally connected that we often read each others thoughts and came up with the same ideas at the same time, over a thousand miles apart.  So many times I would get an idea I wanted to run by Amy and she would either beat me to it or say…”I was just thinking the same thing”.  We have been on the same wavelength, with a lot of help from above, throughout this whole process.  There is no doubt in my mind that Amy Bell and this book are, quite literally, a match made in heaven!   Thank you, Amy!

The second thing I am grateful to Pennye for is for relieving the burden I was placing on myself at every turn by constantly obsessing over “What would Joe do?” and “What does Joe want?”  Pennye pointed out that Joe did what Joe would do and frankly, what Joe wants now is for me to get the book published, by doing what I would do, not what he would do.   She further explained that the reason I found the book is because I am the one with the tenacity (although some might call it something else!) to see it through to publication, by doing what I would do.  Everything became so much easier after that simple revelation. Thank you, Pennye!

Pennye also strongly encouraged me to read another book, Navigating the Collapse of Time (Weiser Books, 2011) by David Ian Cowan, whose theories parallel much of what Joe describes in The Kabrini Message.  I did that and it made the “message” of The Kabrini much clearer.    BTW...there will be much more on these "parallel theories" in an upcoming post.  Thanks again Pennye!

Important advice:  When attempting to get a science fiction novel regarding planets, the solar system, star systems, etc. published, it’s extremely helpful to have a good friend that’s a professional psychic and astrologer.

Again, thank you ladies!


  1. Great post! And the blog looks great, too!

  2. Thank YOU, Marie, for the incredible opportunity. This project truly has been a life-changing experience for me, and I feel certain that it will drive my business to the next level. I'm so proud and honored to be associated with The Ksbrini Message. I can't WAIT to hold the final book in my hands (and read it on my Kindle, of course.)

    1. Oops, I meant The KAbrini Message, of course. Always embarrassing when a professional writer posts a typo. ;)


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