Saturday, March 12, 2016

MERMAID UPDATE! - Upon Request: Transformation DETAILS!!!

UPDATE to the last blog post:  
If you have not yet seen it, please click on the above link - we had over 900 hits!

This update is in response to a special request from our own Contributing Editor, Dan Matlaga, a retired Astronomy Professor, so his request was purely in the interest of science, I'm sure.

Dan enjoyed the post but felt it lacked imagination as it did not show any specific drawings or pictures of the actual transformation detailing precisely how a mermaid pulls off (literally) the whole "tail to legs and back again" thing.

Although I disagree that it "lacked imagination" and feel just the opposite; it left the details up to one's imagination, it is true that we didn't give any specific proof or visuals to assist in forming one's own hypothesis.  Therefore, in the interest of science , here goes.

So...without further ado, I have come up with this drawing:

AND this picture: 

Heavily Photoshop'd Selfie - had to paint out the selfie stick...among other things.
The things I do for this blog!

Both of the above focus on the actual transformation process taking place.  I hope that will satisfy all of those scientific minds (that sounds so much better than "dirty old men") out there!


Now that we've settled that...please be sure to check back on Monday for Professor Dan's latest post:  Extra­ Terrestrial Life ? Part 1  

And who does't love Extra Terrestrials???  Certainly we, Kabrini fans, do!!!  

So join us right here on Monday and again the following Monday for Extra Terrestrial Life ? Part 2

After that, some additional topics are in the works:

One on the  phenomenon of truly unconditional love - showcasing the classic retro romance between Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, but incorporating a few contemporary, modern day elements that will highlight the timelessness of the subject,which is...loving someone so much that their happiness comes before all else.  (OK, so I should have done this one over Valentine's Day - but being on time has never been an attribute of mine!)

I'm also working on putting something together regarding Esther Hicks and the channeling of Abraham.  If you are unfamiliar with all of this, Google it and check it out!  The similarities between Abraham and Joe's Kabrini are undeniable and in fact, I believe they are one and the same.

Hmmm...Certainly quite a diverse range of topics!

But for now, the mermaids are signing off, fusing back into tail mode and slipping quietly into the sea until next time.  They will be back eventually - we have a fascination with mermaids here...can't imagine why.   ;)

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