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Absolutely EVERYTHING (or at least the most interesting things) you've ever wondered about Mermaids - explained by Awesome Aussie Author and Mermaid Expert, Demelza Carlton

Welcome back Demelza!   

It's been quite a while since your last visit and I see you have been quite busy indeed! 

Demelza has written many books...some not on mermaids...but we will focus on the latest mermaid selections today.  Before we get into the books themselves, let's face it, what you really want to know (I already know, see disclaimer, below), EXACTLY, do mermaids have sex?

I must first issue this short disclaimer:  I am actually a "Certified Realm Reader" - a course taught by none other than the famous and fabulous Angel Expert, Doreen Virtue.

During this certification process, I discovered I am actually from the Mermaid Realm.  There are several types of Mermaids within the realm - more about that later.  I just wanted to put that out there in the interest of full disclosure, as I am not totally unbiased on this subject! 

OK...enough about me.

So Demelza, let's get to it...Where do little mermaids c
ome from?

Everyone asks me where little mermaids come from. I mean, it's the first thing you think about when you hear someone writing books about mermaids, right? Especially books for adults. So I put together a little explanation for you:

(Ahh...the moment we've all been waiting for!)

Basic Guide to Mermaid Reproduction

Mermaids are closely related to humans - so close that the two can interbreed. Mermaids, by definition, are female, after conflict with humans wiped out all the males.  Humans called them dragons, but to the mermaids, they were all people of the ocean's gift.

(So, humans wiped out the male mermaid population?  Could that be why some mermaids, still to this day, shall we say, hold a grudge against human males?!  A little different when you look at it from our...I mean their side.  Ooh, we are learning so much today!  Again, I apologize for the interruption.  Carry on!) 

The Little Sea-Maid, as written by Hans Christian Anderson, is fiction. 

Mermaids, like dragons, can shift their skin to cover more or less of their legs (and what lies between them) and change the colour accordingly. Like hair, eye and skin colour, a mermaid’s tail colour is determined by genetics. She can close her gills to appear human, when she breathes air on land.

Now, having chosen to permit her tail to part, her gills to close and her skin colour to normalize, a mermaid looks like any normal human – with a distinct curve as she needs to store fat reserves for cold water swimming.  

(Aha!  That explains it.  Sorry, personal comment.  Please continue.)

Essentially, she is as capable as any human woman (with her high level of fitness and flexibility from swimming all her life, perhaps a little more capable and with more "stamina") at sex and "child" birth.

(But we don't like to brag.)

There are mermaids masquerading as humans among our population.  (No!  Ya think? *wink-wink*)

No man is safe.

(Yikes!  Check out that picture - and caption.  For the record, I am a nice mermaid.)
Mermaids are often said to be "sirens" that lure unsuspecting human males to their deaths.
Editor's Note:  Viscous lies, I tell you!

As for how the mermaid children are born…you’ll find descriptions of births in Ocean’s Infiltrator and Ocean’s Birth.
If you want more information or more detail, I highly recommend you start by reading my Turbulence and Triumph series.
If you’d like to get two of my mermaid books for FREE, all you have to do is click on the link in my video, below, or at the end of this post and tell me where to send them.

From Sex to Stories

The idea that the girls had to come ashore to breed – with human men – was the concept that inspired my Ocean's Gift and Turbulence and Triumph series. Ocean's Gift is set in the modern day, while the Turbulence and Triumph books are set in the 1920s and 1930s.

An observer remarked on the transition from legs to tail:

 She placed her heels together and gave a flick with her feet. The movement rippled up her body, before she did it again. It looked like her skin was darkening, or was it just the waves washing over her? Another flick, her feet rising out of the water this time, and I saw the blue wasn’t just the water. It was like the skin of her legs had grown together, extending over her feet into curved flukes, as blue as the water. It blended seamlessly up her body, though her torso remained pale.   She turned on her side, her eyes curious.  In the skin along her ribs, I saw dark lines that looked like gills.  I couldn't take my eyes off of her.  She'd never looked less human.
 - Ocean's Infiltrator

Check out Demelza's video for more mermaid info. as well as how you can get two of her books for FREE!!!

Be sure to scroll all the way down for some final comments on the various categories of mermaids.  More information available upon request.

Here is all the info., buy links, etc. on the books!


Ocean’s Justice (#1)

Cast adrift on the Indian Ocean, eighteen-year-old Maria is saved by the crew of the steamship Trevessa.
 She can’t tell them her tragic tale, so the superstitious sailors make up their own stories – and some would sacrifice her to the seas to save themselves from the coming storm.
 Scottish engineer William McGregor boarded the Trevessa in search of adventure. He finds a crew convinced their ship is cursed, as he fights to protect the mysterious girl and bring her safely to shore.
 When the sharks start circling and the storm closes in, are sirens more than just a myth?

Purchase Links:

Ocean’s Trial (#2)

Smuggled ashore by the kind widow Merry D’Angelo, Maria begins her new life in the colonial port city of Fremantle.
 With the help of a young fisherman named Tony, she fights to find her place among a people so different to her own.
 Yet danger lurks beneath the surface of the turbulent harbour waters as her past races to catch up with her; threatening her future and her friends, and forcing her to choose between her old love and the new.

Purchase Links:

Ocean’s Triumph (#3)

Maria thought stowing away on a ship to follow the man she loves was a great idea – but sleeping in the cargo hold and fighting rats for food isn’t at all what she bargained for, and that’s before she reaches her destination: the desolate colonial outpost of Christmas Island.
 Now the man who was once her world won’t even look at her. Perhaps she’d be better off swimming hundreds of miles home.
 It’s time to lay the ghosts of their past to rest…or are some ghosts not dead at all?

Purchase Links:

Ocean's Ride (#4)

Finally reunited with the man she loves, Maria agrees to become his wife. Little does she realise this will catapult her into the cream of Christmas Island society. Now a lady of leisure with servants to cater to her every whim, all Maria wants is to spend time with her new husband, learning to ride a motorcycle and sneaking off for a romantic swim.
 But with her husband’s increasing work pressures and all eyes upon her, even Maria begins to wonder if she has what it takes to be a society wife. And the ocean’s siren call is growing stronger…

One thing’s for certain: Maria is in for a bumpy ride.

Purchase Links:

Ocean’s Cage (#5)

Forced to choose between the ocean and the man she loves, Maria accepts the gilded cage of her life on land. But the ocean will not be thwarted so easily.

All Maria wants is to live happily ever after with her husband and a honeymoon in Singapore seems like the ideal start to their life together. But between the crazed crabs, a mysterious illness and a monstrous shark, Maria may need all her skills as a siren to succeed.

Can one woman oppose the ocean and win?

Purchase Links:

Ocean’s Birth (#6)

With a baby on the way, Maria thought her troubles would be over, but a new storm is brewing with the power to sweep away everything she holds dear.

When Maria’s mother appears, insisting that Maria return to the ocean and threatening the lives of everyone she loves, Maria is faced with a heartbreaking choice: what price will she pay to protect both her husband and her unborn child from her own family?

Purchase Links:

Ok, as promised, for those interested, there are six types of Mer People (aka, "Mermaids") that walk among us:

  • Mer Fairies
  • Mer Angels
  • Mer Cherubs (Me!)
  • Mystic Mer
  • Star Mer
  • Incarnated Dolphins
If interested, let me know and I'll be happy to send anyone more info. on each type!

Thank you so much for joining us again today, Demelza, and thank you, too, for the generous offer of (click here) TWO FREE BOOKS!  It's been entirely too long - please come back again soon.  Best of luck to you - stay busy and stay in touch! xo

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