Monday, August 19, 2013

Welcome Guest Author, Patty Campbell! (Contest Alert: ENTER TO WIN!!!)

Today I am happy to welcome Patty Campbell, whose new book, Once a Marine, was just released in June.  Patty's other fabulous novel, Jelly's Big Night Out (don't you just love that name?) is also available AND we are running a contest for a free, signed copy of "Jelly"!  

Welcome, Patty!  First, please tell us a little about Once a Marine.

Sure thing!  Here is a brief synopsis:

Caught between a rapidly deteriorating relationship with her demanding fianc√© and her erratic and tyrannical boss, BD James is ready for a meltdown. What she isn’t ready for is Rafael Cruz; a big ex-Marine with one thing on his mind.

A chance encounter with BD, and Rafi’s single-minded agenda is to find a way to get her in his bed. Rafi Cruz is a man who makes things happen, but the timing couldn’t be worse, he’s leaving on a hostage rescue mission in two days. No time for a long seduction. He has to work fast, or this hot little package will slip right between his itching fingers.

Rafi is the private charter pilot her boss hires to fly them to Hawaii. Tall, dark, and handsome is next to his name in BD’s mental manual of men to avoid.

Fresh off a broken engagement, the last thing she needs is another manipulating man.

She’s worked too hard to get this far in her profession. She’s given up too much to complicate her life with another man just when her career is reaching a critical turning point. She’s tired, brokenhearted, disappointed and angry.

Early in the morning Rafi comes looking for BD. He finds her asleep by the swimming pool at her boss’s Honolulu villa, where he  chauffeured them late the night before, after flying them over from L.A.

As a Marine, Rafi’s nothing if not resourceful. He’ll talk her into going to Kaneohe Bay for a day of surfing. Or kidnap her if necessary, and then let nature take its course.

The last thing BD’s interested in is taking surfing lessons from this dangerous looking guy, so how she let Rafi talk her into it is a mystery. Surfing indeed.

That sounds intriguing, to say the least!  Wow...I've been fortunate enough to go to Hawaii twice, but nothing like that ever happened to me...hmmm... that you've "hooked" us, how can we get started reading Once a Marine right away?

You are just a click away!  Here are the buy links:

Great!  Here is some info. on Patty's other novel, Jelly's Big Night Out.  Patty has generously offered to raffle off a signed copy to one lucky winner!  Scroll down for info. on how to enter the contest.


            She has an eye for fashion and hungers for romance, but family commitment comes before love.


            After life takes a tragic turn, Jelly Swanson has no time for men. Providing a safe, nurturing home for her little sister, Emi, and running a successful boutique left her too busy for much else, and forced the idea of a love life to the back burner. But when she goes to school for a teacher conference, her sister’s science teacher takes her completely by surprise. The chemistry between Jelly and Dr. Henry, with the unpronounceable last name, is undeniable.
            When Emi goes missing, a tangle of secrets and past loves may destroy any chance they have at happiness.

AND NOW:  Here is the info. for the contest:

To win a signed copy of Jelly's Big Night Out, send an email to, with "Contest" in the subject line. One lucky winner will be chosen at random and notified by email.  Good luck everyone!

Here are the Buy Links for Jelly's Big Night Out:

Thank you so much for joining us today, Patty and for offering a free, signed copy of Jelly to one of our readers!

Thank you for having me, it's been fun.  Good luck everyone!

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