Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Welcome Guest Author, Susan Arden!

Today our special guest author is Susan Arden, who will allow us to listen in (OK, eavesdrop!) on an intimate conversation from her soon to be released (April 1st!) new book, Tempted by Trouble.

First of all, just check out the cover!

Tempted by Trouble by Susan Arden    

Contemporary Western Romance that sizzles!

When a woman is the magnet for the wrong man, it takes a bad boy to break old habits.

Character Interview: Dr. Carolina Rodriguez
Story: Tempted by Trouble
Heroine: Dr. Carolina Rodriguez, large animal vet specializing in cattle disease
Minor Character: Sam (Cynthia) Cainwright. Carolina’s cousin from Miami.

Sam: Holy Jesus! Caro what the hell happened? Don’t weasel on me.  I’ve got five minutes before Rob comes back.

Carolina:  **grimacing, stares at wall** Nothing. Uhh…aren’t you supposed to be on a Pacific Island honeymoon?

Sam: Don’t try and change the subject. I saw you sitting with that man. All night in the corner. Too cozy if you ask me.  And then…

Carolina: It’s not what you think. We were only talking.

Sam: 411. Now. Don’t force me to call the primas. They’ll string you up. What the heck were you doing with that man in the empty room down the hall from the reception?  I saw him come out. He looked like he was ready to punch a wall.

Carolina: Fine, but it’s complicated. Don’t. Call. The. Cousins. 
(They’d blow my cover and mom would howl so loud Flagler Street would rumble. Deep breath.  
Hard to do with chest constricted by what feels like yards of barbed wire.) 
Really, he JUST told me things.  (Things that I can’t get out of my mind.)

Sam: Liar! He was ready to bore holes into the hotel and all you did was speak?

Carolina: (Silence. Heart drops into stomach) Okay. There was more. We kissed. And he’s the guy from the parking lot.

Sam: (Pause). Excuse me. The one with the zipper issue?

Carolina: It gets worse.

Sam: How in the world can it get worse? You end up making out with the man who you know is bad news. Jeez, he’s an epic disaster. Carolina, spill the beans!

Carolina: (Swallowing hard.) **whispering** He’s my boss.

Sam: No! You’re joking. The man who hired you to go out to Texas…Rob’s college buddy?? What were you thinking? You’ve positively lost your mind.

Carolina: It’s impossible to describe. Being around him is like molten lava with iron filings and I’m the wrong metal. Standing next to him…it’s a raw force. Damn. I don’t know how to describe the way he makes me feel.

Sam: You mean the way he makes you forget. Common sense.  He’s absolutely the wrong man for you. Don’t do this. You’re asking for trouble. Boatloads.

Carolina: I know. He’s …really the worst. Total bad boy. He’s so arrogant, demanding, controlling. (LOUD thought bubble: And his mouth melts my skin). I’ve signed a service contract. I’ve no choice but to go. It’s only two weeks. I already know this is a recipe for disaster. But this is short term. I’m not a fool. I’m going out there to help Matt with his cattle problems and coming right back.

Sam: If you don’t. I swear the cousins and I are going to do bodily harm to him. Expect to hear from me. And don’t you dare avoid my call, Cuz.

Carolina: (Rolling eyes). I’ll be home before you. Try and enjoy yourself with your husband. You’re on an exotic island. Hugs and kisses. Sam, thanks for worrying.

Sam: Familia Caro. Always. Mwah! 

Tempted by Trouble

By Susan Arden    Publisher: Crimson Romance    Release Date: April 1, 2013

Available on Amazon for Pre-release Ordering. Click Here To Order Now!

NaNoWriMo 2012 Entry Picture Perfect (Story grew and become two separate novels)



Thank you for joining us today, Susan (and Carolina and Sam, too!).  We look forward to reading more about Carolina and her boss, Matt and don't have long to wait until the release date of April is available for pre-release ordering right now!


  1. the zipper issue. ha ha. Love it. best of luck Susan

  2. Marie, I'm thrilled to visit with you today. Thanks so much for this post!

  3. Thank you Susan - happy to have you...come back anytime! All the very best of luck! :)

  4. Hi Susan - great to see your work! Looks awesome. :) Erin


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