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Abraham and The Kabrini - Similar or one and the same? Part 4


Welcome to Part 4 as we continue and conclude (for now) our series on the wisdom of Abraham, as translated by Esther Hicks in the teachings known as Abraham-Hicks.  

Today we will cover:

  • The Grid (it's always filling in!)
  • Rampages!

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Once you're caught up, see how much you've learned and test your Abraham knowledge by taking:







Update:  As promised, here is QUIZ - PART 4 and ANSWERS FOR QUIZ - PART 4!

And now:  "The Grid" explained...It's always filling in!

  • Envision something grid-like.
  • It's a basic structure that does fill in.
  • You have many different grids on every subject of significance to you.
  • Your grid is your Point of Attraction on any given subject.
  • It WILL fill in, one way or another, and what it fills in with (positive things/negative things) depends on how you are feeling.  
  • You are the creator of your grid and therefore, the creator of your own reality.

Your grid is your Point of Attraction and starts to fill in with: 
  • Conversations
  • Insights 
  • Ideas
  • Impulses
  • People that will rendezvous with you/Interactions with others
  • Your experiences

  • Everything that happens that has anything to do with you is your grid filling in.
  • Every bit of your grid filling in is NOT about somebody else - it's about what you've been doing vibrationaly with your grid.
  • You have a Point of Attraction and your Point of Attraction is a vibrational thing that's happening and has a relationship with the source energy part of you.
  • When the source within you is not in alignment with the physical you - for example, the source within you is always loving, and when the source within you is loving and the physical you is not - you do not feel good because you are out of alignment with who you really are.  
  • can do something about it...
  • You are the creator of your own reality!!


Rampages are high energy affirmations on a variety of subjects.  Here are just a few.

"Quick Daily Motivation!" Rampage:  

"This Is A Really Good Day!" Rampage:

"It's Done!" Rampage: 


 OK, so you say you just can't get enough of these Rampages?  Search more on YouTube or, here is a link to some favorites compiled all in one place on The Joy of Alignment Blog.

Thank you for joining us on all four parts of this series and I hope you've reached your own determination as to whether or not Abraham and The Kabrini are one and the same...I have!  

This has been such a fun and challenging project, but exhausting!  In fact, one could say (wait for it...), if you were standing in my physical shoes, you'd be tired too.  Ha!  Just a little Abraham humor to end with.  If you've really been into this, you got that.  I almost went with an even worse one (believe it or not) about being "half transitioned into non-physical".  Half dead, get it?  OK, that's it, I promise.

After this, I'm going back to interviewing authors and having Professor Dan do astronomy posts - so much easier!  

But one more Rampage - my favorite one of all!  

A GREAT one to listen to, as I have many times, first thing in the morning 

- or any time -

We saved the best 'til last!


"Things Are Always Working Out For Me!" Rampage:

We conclude this series... for now... with, once again, the quote Abraham ends most sessions and Rampages with:

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